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We are your partners in Market Development, Product Strategy, Turnaround Management and Patent Consulting.

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We mean business! Your B2B specialist for companies with sophisticated technical products.

Experience. We are familiar with the international market. And we are familiar with popular production processes. Between us, we have more than 100 years of market experience, and are not afraid to tackle complex technical issues.

Empathy. We roll up our sleeves and won’t leave you to it. We will work together on your challenges – be they market development, product strategy, turnaround management or patent registration.

Excellence. We are not here today and gone tomorrow. We are idea generators, market scouts and sparring partners – we mean business for your company, and are interested in your long-term success.

Focal points

Market Development

Market development

Our targeted, customized marketing and sales advice is based on detailed analyses of your company and the market. We first determine your market position, then use this to develop solutions. We will support you through the implementation process, taking on tasks such as:

  • Establishing sales channels and introducing new products to new markets – worldwide
  • Identifying and verifying new sales partners
  • Developing a customized marketing strategy for individual markets
  • Monitoring and conducting corrective measures in the early stages

This leaves you free to concentrate on your core competencies. We will pass our experience on to your staff – a vital step in broadening your competencies. 

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Which strategy do you pursue with your products? Leading innovator, “fast follower”, cost leader or perhaps global market leader? Every company needs its own philosophy and a tailored product strategy. We will help you define your product strategy and can take over project-related functions for your product marketing. Our experience has shown that an outside perspective often throws a new light on things. 



SMEs are particularly prone to being stuck between the need for innovation and the need to keep costs under control. If staff numbers and capital cover are not strong enough, it becomes impossible to operate in markets with high levels of service and innovation. Rising costs put a damper on innovation. In the medium term, this can damage customer loyalty, leading to a gradual loss of market share.

We will analyze and optimize processes along the entire value creation chain, identifying potential areas for improvement, and working with you to put into place a quick turnaround. This will free up capacity for you to pursue your innovative work. 

Patent advice

Patent advice

Do you have a great idea for a new product and would like to get it patented? Many entrepreneurs are put off by the complicated procedure and the costs involved, and miss out on fantastic opportunities as a result. We have registered numerous patents ourselves. We will be happy to advise you on preparing a patent application and to draw up the legal brief with you. This will keep costs to a minimum, and should eliminate any unexpected expenses. If you wish, we can bring in our long-standing cooperation partner in the field to help register the patent. 

We are skilled in Marketing and Technology.
We are skilled in Marketing and Technology.
  • “Complicated technology is nothing to be afraid of”

    Dr. Hans Nestle
    Dr. Hans Nestle

    After studying physics and completing a doctorate at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, I initially remained true to science, continuing to work there in the fields of ion optics, magnet construction and mass spectroscopy. My career then moved on to a number of different places: 

    • Prominent Dosiertechnik GmbH: Head of software development, and later of product management 
    • U.I. Lapp GmbH: Head of product management
    • Helukabel GmbH: Head of product management for cable accessories 

    Since 2002, I have been working as an external consultant, coach and trainer, focusing on product management and technical marketing. It is my firm belief that two-way transparent communication between customers and R&D is vital to long-term corporate success.

  • “Excellence through experience and empathy”

    Dr. Klaus Kempf
    Dr. Klaus Kempf

    I studied physics at what was then the University of Karlsruhe, but is now KIT. After this, I went on to complete my doctorate from the Institute of Physics at Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. My career then went through the following stages:

    • Northrop Grumman Litef GmbH: Working in the development department, including a period in Orlando, Florida
    • Production company within the Lapp Group: Establishing new business fields and developing new markets
    • Managing Director for Technology and Marketing at U.I. Lapp GmbH, headquarters of the Lapp Group.

    I have been working as an independent consultant with kempfpartner.com since 1998. I focus on coaching entrepreneurs and companies and optimizing the market presence of SMEs. I have built up a large network of specialist partners over the years. I have also gathered experience in many different industries in Germany and abroad, and can always draw on my technical and business management training. All this together forms the basis for rapid, long-term success. 

  • “Expanding market position by focusing on sales and marketing”

    Rolf Kempf, Dipl. Kfm.
    Rolf Kempf, Dipl. Kfm.

    I have many years of experience in preparing company start-ups, building up companies, and developing sales structures and marketing strategies. After I completed my Masters in Business Administration at the University of Mannheim, my career took the following path:

    • Rittal GmbH & Co. KG: Traveling the world as a Product Manager to introduce a new product group, Key Account Manager for automobile manufacturers and electronics corporations in Germany.
      Managing Director of the new subsidiary in Canada.
    • Henrich GmbH: Senior Vice President Manufacturing responsible for overseeing 180 employees
    • Bimed Industrial Ltd.: Managing Director. Toronto-based company with customers in the NAFTA states 

    During my more than 20 years in North America, I got to know the markets, languages and business practices in Canada and the United States. To be successful, it is vital to be aware of the differences in markets and culture on the two sides of the Atlantic.


We do more than simply look at the numbers and then take you through an impressive PowerPoint presentation. For us, empathy means getting the fullest possible picture of your company’s situation. This includes the motivation and emotional situation of everyone involved. This forms the foundation for us to work with our customers to develop customized solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our many years of experience and the way we focus on the project are key factors in achieving success. We are a team of specialists that you can draw on for individual projects, and you will also benefit from our back office staff. Why not get in touch?

We are dealing with Innovations and Tradition.
We are dealing with Innovations and Tradition.


We have already been working with a number of our clients for many years. They value our efficiency, punctuality and the knowledge that they can have complete trust in us. When necessary, we can also draw on a large network of specialists. 


  • “bimed Innovative Products GmbH and kempfpartner.com have been working together since 2013. In that time, we have won and successfully implemented a large number of customer-specific projects together. The collaboration with kempfpartner.com has been characterized by targeted and smooth information sharing and the prompt transfer of project-specific data on agreed dates. We intend to continue working closely with kempfpartner.com in the future.”

    Oliver Kalmey Managing Director bimed Innovative Products GmbH

  • "Several years back, while working for another company, kempfpartner.com successfully helped me identify and evaluate a new business partner for the German market. Timing (speed!) was of critical importance for this mission. I particularly like kempfpartner.com’s ability to quickly understand our needs and the particularities in our actual situation and thereafter provide a tailored solution."

    Erik Göthlin, General Manager PPC Insulators GmbH

  • "We have worked with Dr. Kempf for a period of time to enter the German market. Dr. Kempf’s wide network in electrotechnical field in Germany and his expertise on technical issues have been so helpful for us. Also, as a foreigner out of Europe, we learned a lot about German business mentality by the help of his instructive consultancy. Finally after so long time, we are still good friends and this is the most valuable part."

    Savaş Yalçın General Manager Klemsan


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